CARPRO SkysBLU car air freshener


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CARPRO SkysBlu Car Perfume 8ml

Squash unsavory smells and keep your interior smelling fresh!
CARPRO SkysBlu (affectionately named Car Perfume) by CARPRO brings the familiar scent of CARPRO Eraser to interiors everywhere! For years CARPRO fanatics have dreamt of an interior scent that matched CARPRO's famous panel wipe product. If I had a dime for every time someone said, It sure would be nice if we could have the scent of Eraser as an air freshener I would be wealthy! We reached out to CARPRO Global in 2017 and made a request for this to be available by SEMA in November 2017. Fortunately CARPRO was able to make it happen and here it is!

CARPRO SkysBlu provides the familiar scent of CARPRO Eraser in an easy to use, compact, and VERY long lasting mini bottle. You simply hang SkysBlu from the rear view mirror, clip it to the vent, or otherwise fasten it so that it is kept upright. That’s it... CARPRO SkysBlu perfume includes a small plastic seal beneath the wood cork, which must be removed to activate the product. Then simply screw the cork top back on and fix as mentioned and enjoy many months of fresh air! SkysBlu is hypoallergenic, provides a very subtle fresh scent, and comes in an attractive glass perfume bottle!

Features & Specifications:
Based on the incredible fresh scent of CARPRO Eraser.
Scent lasts for many months.
Size: 8 ml.
Color: Clear.