CARPRO, GYEON and Auto Finesse

We have chosen three leading premium car care brands on a journey with Autojoy Baltic - we aim to be customer-centric and set the new standards in car detailing industry.


Premium car care

Have a look at our offered line-up
GYEON, CARPRO and Auto Finesse.

From professionals to retail customers
From professionals to retail customers
Autojoy Baltic with premium car care products allows me to set new standards to my customers
— CarStandardWorks | Tartu, Estonia
From professionals to retail customers
Autojoy Baltic allows me to offer PPF pre-cuts and other car care to my customers. We like to offer quality to our customers.
— SkyAutoSpa | Viljandi, Estonia


Auto Finesse

Detailing products, car polish and car wax, handmade in the UK by Auto Finesse®, designed, developed and trusted by professionals and regular consumers.


GYEON is a brand offering reliable, thoroughly-tested range of high technology products, which satisfies the needs of both enthusiasts and professionals.


As a leader in detailing nanotechnology,CARPRO strives to offer the most complete line of in-house engineered products for all car care purposes.


Autojoy OÜ

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