Thinking of where to take your car? Let us help! Our certified detailing partners are some of the best out there!

Here is a list of GYEON certified detailers!


The highest tier GYEON Certified Detailer. Focused on all sorts of protection services and offering a 360’ approach to their customers. A Service Partner offers both GYEON coatings and PPF (Paint Protection Film), carries a range of maintenance products and operates in a convenient facility with a client lounge.

 Sky AutoSpa

 Car Standard Works


A Prime Studio is the middle tier of GYEON Certified Studios. If offers a wider range of services, a more convenient facility and in some cases the possibility to purchase GYEON maintenance products on site.

 Ceramic Boss

 Bolton Valeting

 Auto Ilustuudio

 Prizz Detailing

 Becare Auto Detailing

 DLAB detailing studio


The basic level of GYEON Certification. It confirms the ability to install Infinite ceramic coatings and register the Infinite warranty. Every GYEON Certified Detailer has a registered and insured business and works from a fully equipped and functionally designed facility.


 Crow Motors



Certified CARPRO Installers - Since day one the goal of CQUARTZ Finest, has been to approve only the most talented, caring, and character driven professionals across the world.



 TFS Ceramic

 Ulme Shine


All detailers on this list have been rigorously reviewed for quality of work and character and verified to be insured at time of approval.