CARPRO Samples Kit 16x50ml


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CARPRO Samples Kit 16x50ml

Sample 16 groundbreaking products in one groundbreaking kit!!
CARPRO has taken North America by storm! With breakthroughs in many areas of car care, CARPRO Chemicals has focused on superior performance and quality, saving enthusiasts and detailers alike time and money, while producing a better finish AND better protection! This cleverly designed kit offers the perfect way to sample SIXTEEN of our amazing products at once!

Don't miss out on this incredible value today!

Products Included:
CARPRO Bugout - Intensive bug remover.
CARPRO Descale - Acidic Car Shampoo
CARPRO Ech2o - Waterless/Rinse-less & quick detailer concentrate.
CARPRO Elixir - Ready to use quick detailer.
CARPRO Eraser - Polish & oil remover.
CARPRO Hydro2 Foam - Wash and seal in one.
CARPRO Hydro2 Lite - Touchless spray sealant.
CARPRO InnerQD - Interior quick detailer
CARPRO Inside - Leather and vinyl cleaner/concentrate.
CARPRO Multi X - All purpose cleaner concentrate.
CARPRO PERL - Plastic, engine, rubber, leather conditioner.
CARPRO Reload - Spray sealant.
CARPRO Reset - Car wash soap - CQUARTZ maintenance soap.
CARPRO Retyre - Tire & Rubber Cleaner
CARPRO Spotless 2.0 - Water spot remover.
CARPRO Tar X - Tar removal.