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Clarify Glass Cleaner
Streak Free Glass Cleaner

CARPRO has done it again with their new glass cleaner! CARPRO Clarify is formulated to provide streak free glass with less effort! Lets face it... nobody likes cleaning glass... Until now! With this new easy to use and streak free formula, glass cleaning is no longer such a chore and it certainly doesn't hurt that the smell is so pleasant! Not only does Clarify wipe off with ease but it won't damage your ceramic coating or windshield sealant! Whats more, it cuts through traffic film, oils, and fingerprints with ease! CARPRO Clarify is safe to use on the interior and exterior of your glass, leaving streak free results and perfect clarity every time!

Streak-free cleaning.
Removes dirt, oil, and contamination.
Safe for interior and exterior.
Doesn't damage you rain repellent.
Powerful cleaning effect.

Glass Cleaning Directions:
Pair with a Cloudbuster or CARPRO GlassFiber cleaning towel for superior results.
Spray 1-2 sprays on the surface or on the towel.
Wipe surface with firm pressure.
Flip towel to clean dry side or use separate clean dry towel for final wipe.

Additional Glass Cleaning Tips:
Clean interior glass last (after all interior dressing is complete).
Fold glass cleaning towel twice (into quarters). When in use keep flat and folded so cleaning and wiping pressure is evenly distributed.
Never finish glass with a dirty or saturated towel.
On interior of glass - finish in left to right direction. On exterior of glass - finish in vertical direction. In this manner you can easily identify which side of the glass a streak is on IF you see one after cleaning.