CARPRO 2Fingers Wool Wash Mitt


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CARPRO 2 Finger Wool Wash Mitt

If your looking for a miniature wool mitt the CARPRO Merino 2 Finger Wool Wash Mitt is for you.
Our CARPRO Wool Wash Mitts are specifically designed to offer all of the benefits of the most gentle wash media available (100% Merino Wool).

Super soft and paint safe.
Miniature size for small hard to reach areas.
Rear pocket allows it to dry easily when not in use so that the skin won't rot from the inside like other wool mitts.
The quality stitched pocket allows you to easily remove your fingers from the mitt without help from your other hand but never falls off on its own.
Merino Wool is the most gentle wash media available to car fanatics and high end professional detailers.
An excellent dedicated mitt for those flawless chrome rims you're so careful with.

100% Australian Merino Wool
Size: 105 x 150mm
Fur Length: 19mm to 31mm

How to get the most out of your Merino Wool Wash Mitt:
Rinse well before first use - This wool Mitt is 100% real wool and not synthetic. It is steam sterilized before shipping however as with any natural product and material that will touch your paint it is best to brush it out and rinse before use