Auto Finesse Gloss 500ml

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Gloss - Spray-on tire wax with glossy and wet finish!

Designed to give your tyres the dripping wet look, Gloss Tyre Dressing offers a long-lasting, super shiny sheen worthy of any occasion.

Our super-advanced, silicone-based tyre dressing has been developed to offer a deep, dripping wet look with an absolute minimum of effort.

This versatile, high-shine finisher not only gives you the choice of a straightforward ‘spray and walk away’ delivery or use via a detailing applicator (for more targeted application). But, Gloss Tyre Dressing will also add a durable layer of protection from the elements, helping to prevent grime impregnation, premature browning and UV fading.

Low slinging and high-shearing, with a specially developed ultra-high-shine formula, Gloss Tyre Dressing installs the ultimate show car look and provides an amazing finishing touch to any jaw-dropping detail.