Polishing machine Tokya RP8 Gen2 - Direct drive

By Tokya

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Polishing machine Tokya RP8 Gen2 - Direct drive

An excellent value-for-money rotary polishing machine suitable for hobbyists and professional use. It offers a wide range of rotation speeds and includes a variable speed control feature.

The Tokya RP8 Gen2 is an upgraded version of its manufacturer's most popular direct-drive polishing machine. The new model includes all the enhanced features of its predecessor, such as a wide speed range, Soft Start function, load-compensating electronics (commonly known as "variable speed control"), and a switch lock option. In addition to these features, improvements have been made to the ergonomics and handling of the polishing machine, evident in the new and improved handle design that provides a comfortable grip with its high-quality rubber coating. For added comfort during longer and more laborious polishing sessions, a side handle is included, allowing for better control and ease of use.

The machine's exceptionally wide speed range enables efficient correction of scratches and offers an extremely low minimum speed, facilitating the delicate polishing of sensitive surfaces and enabling hologram-free finishes.

The convenient Soft Start function ensures a smooth and controlled start-up at the selected speed, allowing for immediate control from the beginning. The load-compensating electronics, commonly known as "variable speed control," which is typically found in high-end professional machines, ensures a consistent speed even when pressure is applied to the machine, such as when removing deep scratches. This feature guarantees a uniform and consistent polishing result, as the speed does not decrease under heavy pressure.

When working on large surfaces, the machine's switch can be locked in the ON position, relieving the fingers from continuous trigger squeezing. The five-meter power cord allows for effortless movement around the vehicle without unnecessary interruptions to search for power outlets. Additionally, the spindle quick-release system is located in the front handle (remove the transport lock from inside the front handle before use), facilitating easy pad changes, particularly when switching between different pad and disc sizes.

Contents of the package:

Tokya RP8 Gen2 Polishing Machine
Side handle
125 mm soft backing pad
Backing pad wrench


Product: Tokya RP8 Gen2 Polishing Machine
Intended use: Machine polishing of paint surfaces
Cord length: 5 m
Power: 800 W (max. 1200 W to compensate for load)
Rotation speed: 700 - 2500 rpm
Backing pad attachment thread: M14
Maximum backing pad size: 150 mm
Weight: 2.2 kg