Polishing machine Tokya OP5 Gen2 - Eccentric

By Tokya

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Polishing machine Tokya OP5 Gen2 - Eccentric

A competitively priced, high-quality dual action (DA) polishing machine suitable for hobbyists and professional use. Featuring a 15 mm eccentric (DA) movement and a wide speed range.

The Tokya OP5 Gen2 is an upgraded version of the manufacturer's highly popular OP5 eccentric (DA) polishing machine. The new Gen2 model is more powerful, ergonomic, and quieter than its predecessor, and it features an even wider speed range! With the expanded speed range, polishing is faster and more efficient, making even larger polishing projects a breeze. The machine operates with a 15 mm eccentric movement, allowing for quick work on larger surfaces while still being agile enough for polishing tight and detailed areas. Working with the Gen2 is therefore maximally efficient yet flexible.

The OP5 Gen2 is suitable for both professionals and hobbyists, and its ergonomic design and lightweight construction make it easy to handle. The front handle of the machine is coated with a grippy rubber that provides a secure grip and fits comfortably in the hand. For working on larger surfaces, the machine's switch can be locked in the ON position, and additional comfort during operation can be achieved with the included side handle. This ensures smooth and painless handling even during long and continuous work sessions.

The Gen2 machine has reduced noise levels, and in addition to a quieter motor, the vibration level has been significantly reduced to only 3.8 m/s². This means that there is much less strain on the hands, allowing for effortless handling of finer and smaller details. Especially during longer polishing sessions or professional use, the lower vibration level is a significant advantage. Like its predecessor, the OP5 Gen2 features a convenient Soft Start function, which starts the machine smoothly and gradually to the selected speed. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with load-compensating electronics, also known as a "constant speed controller," which maintains a consistent speed even under increased load. The machine comes with a power cable that is up to 7 meters long, making it easy to work around a vehicle without the need for frequent socket changes.

Contents of the package:

Tokya OP5 Gen2 Polishing Machine
Side handle
Talan change key
2 x Replacement carbon brushes


Product: Tokya OP5 Gen2
Intended use: Machine polishing of paint surfaces
Eccentric movement size: 15 mm
Free eccentric movement
Cord length: 7 m
Power: 750W
Speed range: 2000 - 5000 opm
Maximum talan size: 150 mm
Noise level: 79 dB (A), K = 1 dB (A)
Vibration level: 3.8 m/s², K = 0.3 m/s²
Weight: 2.7 kg