CARPRO DHydrate BOLD Drying Towel 70x90 1000gsm


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CARPRO DHydrate BOLD Drying Towel – 70x90cm

DHydrate towel easily pulls every drop of water off the surface leaving it spotless.
In keeping with the quest of CARPRO to continue improving their tool options, we presented the DHydrate BOLD. The ever popular DHydrate drying towel is phenomenal and for those who want even more absorbency, the DHydrate BOLD will give you exactly that. The double twisted loops were lengthened and nearly doubled the GSM to 1000 to allow more surface area contact resulting in quicker and more thorough water absorption to leave a streak free surface. The larger GSM stores more water eliminating the need for wringing out to dry one vehicle.

Target Applications:

EXTREME absorbency!
MicroFiber edge.
Tag free.
Lint free.
Stays soft and paint safe, wash after wash.

Size: 70x90cm
Blend: 80/20.
Gsm: 1000.
Edge: Grey microfiber.
Color: Orange.