CARPRO LeatherBrush 1pcs


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CARPRO LeatherBrush

The CARPRO LeatheBrush was thoughtfully designed with angled ends and precision size for easily reaching into and cleansing a variety of corners and seams. Designed to effectively clean leather, vinyl, fabric, and synthetic suedes, the natural boars hair bristles gently work your cleansing solution into the grain of the material whilst pulling the dirt out.

Angled ends for reaching any corner or seam.
Precision size for reaching any corner or seam.
Natural boars hair bristles.
Suitable for all leather, vinyl, and fabrics.

Leather surfaces.
Vinyl surfaces.
Fabric surfaces.
And more.

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Bristles: Natural horse hair.
Color: Wood Grain Brown.

Use with your favorite foaming interior cleaner.
Spray product directly onto face of bristles.
Gently agitate area to be cleaned.
Remove excess product with a clean microfiber towel.
Note: Always follow product specific directions for application.