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Panel Wipe - Polish, Oil, and Dust Remover

CARPRO Eraser was specifically designed for the complete removal of polishing oils for inspection and prior to the application of CQUARTZ or any other coating, wax, or sealant.

Until now IPA (isopropyl alcohol) and water mixture, have been used by the majority of the industry to remove polish residue and fillers from auto paint before a wax or paint sealant is applied. This step allows you to check your work following compounding and it is supposed to ensure a totally clean paint surface on which the LSP (last step product) can bond. IPA loosens oil but that oil can be spread around or redeposited as you wipe the paint. That's where CARPRO Eraser goes a step further...

Eraser utilizes a special blend of surfactant to dissolve oils and pull them into the microfiber towel. Eraser breaks down polish residue and removes polishing dust as you wipe. It has the added bonus of cleaning better than an ordinary IPA, due to its patented formula. Eraser makes it possible for everyone to get a perfectly clean surface prior to the application of CQUARTZ. Furthermore, with this unique blend from CARPRO you will not find even a hint of that nasty IPA smell when using Eraser.

Panel wipe and cleanser designed to dissolve oil particles and remove polish residue to prepare the paintwork for ceramic coatings, sealants, and waxes.
Contains anti-static components to resist dust after wiping. The paint will stay dust-free while you’re in the process of applying CQUARTZ.
Contains no silicone and is completely safe for use in paint shops and body shops.
Pleasing scent.
Prepare your vehicle for the best results with CQUARTZ by erasing oil and polish residue.
pH 7.

Flip and change out your towels often as you work across the vehicle.

Paint Cleaning Directions:
Fold Crazy Pile or CARPRO 2 Face Towel twice (forming a folded 8”x8” area)
Spray liberally across 2-3 Sq Ft. area and one or 2 spritz on your towel and immediately wipe off.
When wiping place your folded towel flat against the surface and use even pressure.
Wipe in a sweeping motion as you turn corners (not a stop and start motion)
Utilize a “secondary” towel with a spritz of Eraser for a final wipe before moving on.