Car drying blower Tokya AD-28

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Car drying blower Tokya AD-28

An extremely powerful and easily portable car drying blower for quick and efficient drying! With a 2200 W motor, it enables an airflow speed of nearly 9 m/s, and the 5 m long hose makes it convenient to use. It offers an excellent price-performance ratio, and we highly recommend it!

The Tokya AD-28 is an extremely powerful and easily portable car drying blower that can blow both warm and cool filtered and dry air. Despite its compact size, the AD-28 is equipped with a powerful 2200 W motor to ensure efficient drying from any location. The AD-28 makes it extremely easy to dry even the most challenging areas, such as grilles, wheels, grates, and engine compartments, where it can be difficult to reach with a traditional drying cloth. Drying with a blower is the safest option for the car's paint surface, effectively preventing the formation of wash-induced swirl marks, as there is no need for any mechanical contact. The Tokya AD-28 is suitable for both hobbyist and professional use!

The solid build of the AD-28 exudes quality and reliability. Even the five-meter long flexible hose doesn't restrict movement, allowing for operation around the car without constantly moving the blower. And if needed, the AD-28 rolls smoothly on its four wheels, and it is also easy to carry due to its lightweight and carrying handle. The wheels roll well on both flat surfaces and asphalt, and they can be locked in place. The power can be smoothly adjusted through the switch on the device.

The blower comes with both a wide and narrow nozzle, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for the drying area. The wide nozzle works better on large and even surfaces, while the narrow nozzle handles precision-demanding areas. The nozzles are made of soft rubber and will not cause any unpleasant marks if they accidentally touch the paint surface.

Delivery Contents:

Tokya AD-28
Wide rubber nozzle
Narrow rubber nozzle
Flexible hose with neoprene handle, 5 m


Brand and model: Tokya AD-28
Intended use: Touchless drying of cars
Operating voltage: 230 V
Theoretical motor power: 5.5 hp
Motor operating power: 2200 W
Heating power: 600 W
Power consumption: 2800 W
Maximum air flow: 7 m³/min
Maximum air temperature: 56 °C
Maximum noise level: 74 dB
Power cord length: 500 cm
Hose length: 500 cm
Dimensions: 33 x 33 x 20 cm
Weight: 3900 g
Warranty: 24 months