Car drying blower Tokya AD-12

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Car drying blower Tokya AD-12

The Tokya AD-12 is a compact and powerful car drying blower that utilizes its 1200W motor to efficiently dry both large surfaces of the vehicle (such as the roof, hood, and doors) and small crevices and gaps that are difficult to reach with traditional drying cloths. Especially before waxing, coating, polishing, taping, or painting, it is important to ensure that all seals, crevices, and gaps are thoroughly dried to prevent water from compromising the final result. Due to its compact design, the AD-12 is also suitable for home use, where it can be used to dry garden furniture, mats, and textile surfaces.

The handheld AD-12, equipped with a 6-meter power cord, is agile and user-friendly, allowing for easy movement from one location to another during car washing. Unlike many other small blowers, it does not require a separate air heating system as it produces warm air through its efficient motor. This means you don't have to adjust the air temperature yourself and can focus on achieving a mirror-like, streak-free washing result. The two included nozzles ensure effortless drying of both straight surfaces and narrow gaps.

The narrow nozzle is designed for precision drying, while the wide nozzle is more suitable for large and flat surfaces. Both nozzles are coated with silicone-treated rubber, ensuring that accidental contact with the vehicle's paintwork does not leave any marks. Drying with the blower is the safest method for preserving the car's paint finish, as it eliminates the risk of creating swirl marks or scratches through mechanical contact.

Delivery Contents:

Tokya AD-12
Wide rubber nozzle
Narrow rubber nozzle
Power cord, 6 m


Product: Tokya AD-12 Car Drying Blower
Intended use: Touchless car drying
Operating voltage: 230 V
Motor operating power: 1200 W
Max. air temperature: 40°C
Max. noise level: 98 dB
Power cord length: 600 cm
Weight: 1.7 kg
Warranty: 24 months