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Foam sprayer with air connector
IK FOAM Pro 2 +

The IK FOAM Pro 2 + professional sprayer has been manufactured for the generation of dry and durable foam. Designed to be used with chemical agents with surfactant properties.

In a particularly advantageous way the Foam Pro 2 + sprayer has a compressed air connector;an inlet valve located in the sprayer head that allows the insertion of air into the tank thanks to its universal schrader valve for connectors worldwide.

IK Foam Pro 2 + provides the user with a dense, permanent foam that is ideal for professional cleaning, sanitation and disinfection work, HVAC system cleaning, vehicle washing and detailing, bike cleaning as well as for the disinfection of food processing areas and industrial kitchens.


Follow the dilution ratio recommended by the foaming agent you are using.
Pressurize the sprayer until the safety valve pops out.
Make sure the felts are clean.

Sectors in which to use IK FOAM Pro 2 +

Cleaning and disinfection
Automotive and detailing

Products with which to use IK FOAM Pro 2 +

Foaming agents.

Technical information:

Valve: Tared at 3 bar / 43,5 psi despresurizable
Standard nozzles: Special nozzle with fan-type foam
Useful capacity: 1,25 L - 42 Oz.
Total capacity: 1,9 L - 64 Oz.
Gross weight: 0,7 kg - 1,54 lbs.
Net weight: 0,56 kg - 1,23 lbs.

IK FOAM Pro 2 + professional spraying

The IK FOAM Pro 2 + handheld sprayer is a foam generator designed for cleaning tasks in various sectors.

Foam Pro 2 + can be actioned two different ways: manually or with the compressed air connector. This valve is widely used in the field of pressurized tires. It enables the tank to be pressurized by means of generic compressor modules such as those intended for tire inflation. The air connector makes the pressurization process faster and easier by using widely commercially available devices with no need of manually pumping it.

This sprayer has a wide filling mouth, ergonomic design, safety valve set at 3 bar (depressurisable), base for greater stability, coloured caps to identify the contents of the tank, safety lock on the opening and closing system.

It is equipped with three mixers (orange, grey and green) which allow to vary the type of foam by choosing between wet, intermediate or dry foam.

With the use of the foam we manage to increase the contact time between the chemical and the surface to be cleaned, cleaning fabrics and upholstery avoiding excessive soaking which generates the appearance of fungus and bacteria, and finally having greater visual control of the sprayed surface.

The easy manual assembly and disassembly of the IK Foam Pro 2 +, allows a complete maintenance without the use of tools