GYEON Q² Tire 500ml


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GYEON Q² Tire - World’s first SiO2 based tire sealant.

Size: 500ml

Q² Tire is the only SiO2 based tire coating. It guarantees not only durability, but splendid visual effects as well. The product might be layered or heated up in order to extend its durability even further. Even though the repellency might be gone with usage, the high darkening effect will remain.

The super concentrated, SiO2 infused formula of Q² Tire requires a very high level of surface preparation. Make sure you clean the tyre with Q²M TireCleaner and let it dry. Rub a small amount of the product into the surface and let it dry. TIP: To prolong the durability of Q² Tire, heat the surface tyre wall with a heat gun. This will open the micropores of the rubber and allow the product to soak in. A more matte finish and extended durability are the result.

CONSUMPTION: 10-15ml / 1 set
DURABILITY: >5 washes

Q² Tire is brilliantly efficient in repelling dirt and is a product which ensures at least a couple of washes. It stays on even when applying water under pressure, while its ability to penetrate into the rubber structure ensures that is keeps its effects visible for a long time.

Q² Tire not only protects tires, it also improves their looks, making their wall seem factory fresh, with profoundly vivid colours. The visual effect lasts even after degradation of the hydrophobicity.