GYEON Q² AntiFog


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GYEON Q² AntiFog - The perfect solution against foggy windows! Foggy windows and windscreens are annoying and can be dangerous. Q2 AntiFog quickly and easily solves this problem, making glass completely clear again and providing perfect visibility. Condensation or ‘fog’ is mainly caused by dampness in the car, or big temperature differences between the inside and the outside. Q2 AntiFog solves these issues in one application that will prevent your windows fogging up again for at least 2 months. Clean the glass very well. A quick pass with a microfibre and glass cleaner may not suffice to remove oily residue or a cigarette fumes film. TIP: Apply a moderate amount of product on the attached suede applicator and wipe it on the surface of glass until only a very light haze remains. Wipe off with a low pile microfibre. CONSUMPTION: 15ml/car CONTACT ANGLE: <10' DURABILITY: >2months DURABILITY: ★ BOX CONTAINS: ANTIFOG 120ml / 4X SUEDE APPLICATOR / 1X BLOCK APPLICATOR /, 1X SUEDE 20X20CM Fog is mostly prevalent in wintertime when temperatures drop and humidity increases, but can be painful all year round - we suggest a combination of Q2 AntiFog a super-hydrophilic interior coating and Q2 View a superhydrophobic coating for the exterior of the glass to completely combat any weather conditions and provide ultimate safety and clarity for driving - condensation, fog and rain will not stand a chance. A 120 ml bottle of Q2 AntiFog will suffice to protect all glass surfaces for more than one winter season in several vehicles. One application for 6 large windows should use a maximum of 20 ml of product.