CARPRO Wash box


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Car wash maintenance kit for enthusiasts and detailers alike!
This awesome maintenance bundle was a HOT topic at SEMA 2019. Get your loved ones, clients, or even yourself the perfect wash box kit! The CARPRO Wash Box features five of our favorite products in one! Start with the award winning CARPRO Reset utilizing the included mitt to wash your vehicle. Next dry it with ease using the incredible CARPRO DHydrate Towel! Finally, add some gloss and protection with the super glossy CARPRO Elixir and the included CARPRO 2 Face Towel!

This amazing little kit packs a punch and will last the one you love well into the new year! With 16 treatments included, you have 8 months of maintenance in one single box!

Don't miss out on this incredible bundle today!

Products included:
CARPRO Elixir 500ml - High gloss quick detailer.
CARPRO Reset 500ml - Intensive car shampoo.
CARPRO Microfiber Wash Mitt - Wash mitt.
CARPRO DHydrate Drying Towel 20 x 20 inch - Drying towel.
CARPRO 2 Face Microfiber Towel - Detailing towel.