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Ultracut Extreme Cut Compound

CARPRO Ultracut is the heaviest cut compound CARPRO has created yet
Ultracut contains a cocktail of fully diminishing abrasives, which correct heavy defects, while producing minimal haze. Combine it with the CARPRO cutting pads (Wool, Flash, Cool) or Microfiber for extremely effective and efficient defect removal. Drop down to CARPRO Orange Polishing Pad and you can finish down hologram-free.

While Ultracut was designed for rotary use it can be used to amazing effect with Dual Action machines as well! Extremely low dusting and a lubricant that allows the abrasives to be worked for an extended period allows total breakdown of abrasives with less marring and holograms.

Extreme cutting action.
Extremely low dust.
Suitable on all paint finishes.
Suitable for rotary and dual action users.
Removes p1200 grit and up.