CARPRO MF Waffle 60x82


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This waffle weave towel is made of a soft and paint safe blend woven in a manner to provide high absorbency throughout the drying process and bound by a soft satin trim border. Waffle Weave Microfibers are generally the car care fanatics favorite for drying their vehicle. These non-marring fibers are woven in a pattern specially engineered to soak up and lock in moisture while simultaneously providing a soft surface to avoid any marring in case of a stray particle finding its way between towel and paint. Unlike chamois and those drying towels you find at the auto parts store, waffle weave microfibers have some thickness to them and are far less likely to allow grit to scratch your vehicle.

Approx. 31 x 24 inch orange with orange silk banded edges, carpro logo embossed in lower corner.

Microfiber Care Instructions

1) Only wash Microfibers with a microfiber detergent
2) Wash Microfibers with Microfibers only, do not add other rags or cloths made from different materials
3) Wash in warm or hot water
4) Dry on low to no heat
5) Do Not use any fabric softeners in the washer or dryer

Following these 5 important steps will keep your Microfibers looking new, soft and will last a long time. Normally 1 2 ounces of microfiber wash per load is all you need.

NOTE: May be Orange or White in colour