CARPRO MF InnerScrub glove


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CARPRO InnerScrub Glove

Introducing the CARPRO InnerScrub glove, an extremely effective interior mitt tool designed to clean nearly all-interior surfaces with ease! InnerScrub is fabricated from a special blend of polyester and microfiber for removing difficult stains from all manner of surfaces! This special blend provides deep yet simple cleaning to leather, textured plastics, vinyl, fabrics, and even rubber!

When used in conjunction with CARPRO Inside, InnerScrub removes ground in dirt and stains much faster than traditional interior cleaning tools! The gloved shape is designed for flexibility and maneuverability inside tight spaces whilst easily allowing you to cover large areas quickly!

Care Instructions:
Wash separate from towels that are used for paint.
Machine wash on gentle using microfiber detergent.
Hang to dry naturally, or tumble dry on no heat.
Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.