CARPRO MF 2Face Lite Towel Mega Pack


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CARPRO 2Face Lite Towel Mega Pack

The workhorse of all CARPRO towels!
CARPRO 2Face Lite towels are a thinner version of CARPRO's famous 2 Face towels for increased economy everyone can afford.

The CARPRO 2-Face Lite towel has an edgeless design, soft paint-safe fibers, and a 200gsm weight. Offered in packs of 40 there are 10 of each color (red, blue, gray, and yellow). Designate different colors for different tasks and know at a glance what goes where! The 2-Face Lite towels are even vacuum packed to save on shipping and bring costs down.

Variety of colors
Edgeless border
Paint Safe

(1) 40 pk (10 of each color)
200 gsm