CARPRO Hand Wash Mitt


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CARPRO Hand Wash Microfiber Mitt

The CARPRO Hand Wash Microfiber Mitt was designed with a plush microfiber blend to ensure safe cleaning! Best of all it is super easy to clean! Our synthetic microfiber blend is designed to remove dirt and debris by gently lifting them away from the surface to ensure a safe 'swirl free' cleaning on all surfaces. The white microfiber allows easy visual inspection during the wash, ensuring swirl free paint!

The CARPRO Hand Wash Microfiber Mitt has a single sided mesh pocket for your hand which creates three distinct advantages:

This aids in how simple it is to remove your hand from the mitt.
Reduces hand fatigue on the user by reducing the amount of excess water held by traditional mitts.
Soft mesh backing ensures a tight grip at all times and no more dropping the wash mitt/pad.

Minimal drag - No dragging dirt and debris across your paint creating swirls.
Safe on all surfaces - Does not scratch even the most sensitive surfaces.
Low maintenance - Machine washable (see below).
Soft mesh backing - Ensures a tight grip at all times and no more dropping the wash mitt/pad.
Reduces hand fatigue versus traditional mitts.
Hanging loop to aid in air drying.

Plush twin microfiber blend.
Size: 9 x 6.75 inch +/-.
Strand length: 1 inch +/-.
Texture: Soft microfiber.

Directions for use:
Ensure you follow a strict pre wash routine to remove any heavy soiling, with either a suitable pre wash or snow foam.
Prepare two wash buckets, one filled with CARPRO Reset Shampoo and a second bucket of plain water.
Wash one panel at a time starting from the top/upper surfaces and working your way down. This ensures you don't transfer the dirt from the sills or lower panels where it's most affected back to the top of the car.
After each panel rinse the CARPRO Hand Wash Microfiber Mitt in the 'Rinse' bucket utilizing a Grit Guard Washboard to remove any dirt before returning to the shampoo bucket to wash the next panel.

Maintenance Tips:

By hand:
Rinse out with clean water.
Squeeze and shake out any excess water.
Hang to dry.
Store in clean covered area until next use.

Washing machine:
Delicate cycle on warm temp (wash separately from other cloths and pads).
Use Micro-Restore liquid detergent.
Do NOT use bleach, fabric softeners, perfumes, or other additives.
Rinse well and hang dry or tumble dry on low heat only.
Store in clean covered area until next use.