CARPRO DQUARTZ GO Nano Diamond Coating 50ml Kit


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Nano Diamond Quartz Fusion Coating. A single coat will blow your mind with years of protection, beads, gloss, and ease of maintenance!

Prepare yourself for the most powerful automotive protection to hit the market to date! DQUARTZ GO is prepared to redefine the limits of vehicular surface protection. Bugs, dirt, UV… none of it stands a chance with DQUARTZ GO protecting your car. With incredible gloss, BEADS that last for many years, and best in class resistance to the wear and tear of daily life, DQUARTZ GO boasts the ultimate in resistance to all manner of abuse and filth. From UV, to chemical, mineral, acidic, alkaline, solvents, and even mechanical wear, DQUARTZ has gone where no coating has gone before! In fact, even a single coat offers phenomenal benefits!

DQUARTZ GO is an outstanding professional-grade coating that has been reformulated for easier use by automotive enthusiasts and weekend superstars. Generally, sacrifices must be made in durability and hardness in order to allow ease of use for the DIY detailer. This was not the case with DQUARTZ GO. CARPRO even introduced a smoothing formula based on fluoropolymers which provides a satisfyingly slick touch once cured!

Whether it's for automobiles, home appliances, or most any metal surface, DQUARTZ GO delivers superior protection and reliably increases surface hardness. When it comes to home use, nothing protects your home and wallet better than DQUARTZ GO and a microfiber towel. No longer are strong chemicals needed to lift food or stains from surfaces. When coated with DQUARTZ GO, all you need is a damp microfiber to easily remove residue, spilled food, liquids, and more. DQUARTZ GO even prevents bacterial growth on most surfaces!

Features & Specifications:
Slick to the touch.
50ml Kit.

Primary Applications:
Automotive paint.
Most metals.
Home appliances.

Do not apply in direct sun or on hot surface.
Keep away from children
Do not re-use 4" suede applicators.
Do not re-use the towels you used to buff off with on paint.
Wear hand protection.
Wear respiratory protection such as a painters mask.
Please note, that if you have never applied a coating before we would recommend CQUARTZ UK as the most user friendly and incredibly performing coating of the past ten years.