CARPRO Clarify PH2OBIC Glass Cleaner


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Instant beads, high visibility, and streak free glass in a bottle!

With CARPRO Clarify PH₂OBIC you can now maintain your glass with the streak free cleaning power of CARPRO Clarify whilst adding slickness and water repellency in one simple step! Instantly increase driver visibility in bad weather while reducing wiper chatter! Use on your exterior glass after you wash or on the go when you simply need a quick cleanup of the windshield. Clarify PH₂OBIC can be used on previously ceramic coated glass to top up its performance and also on non-coated glass as a glass sealant in its own right! With regular maintenance, Clarify PH₂OBIC is the only glass product you need... Other than your towel!

Glass cleaner & Sealant in one.
Beads water and dirt right off your glass!
Streak-free cleaning.
Removes dirt, oil, and contamination.
Powerful cleaning effect.
Powerful water repellant.

Glass Cleaning Directions:
Pair with a Cloudbuster or CARPRO GlassFiber towel for superior results.
Spray 1-2 sprays on the surface or on the towel.
Wipe surface with firm pressure.
Use a separate clean dry glass towel to buff to a streak free finish.

Additional Glass Cleaning Tips:
Clean interior glass last (after all interior dressing is complete).
Fold glass cleaning towel twice (into quarters).
When in use keep folded but flat (not bunched up) so cleaning and wiping pressure is evenly distributed.
Never finish glass with a dirty or saturated towel.
On interior of glass - finish in left to right direction. On exterior of glass - finish in vertical direction. In this manner you can easily identify which side of the glass a streak is on if you see one after cleaning.