Auto Finesse Stiff detailing brush Trio


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Stiff detailing brush Trio - A firmer variant of the paint-safe detailing brushes.

Developed to be the ultimate accessories for grime removal in every hard-to-reach interior recess, this trio of Firm Detailing Brushes is the key to deep-cleaning the most awkward areas without the risk of scratching sensitive trim.

Featuring stiff-but-supple bristles and long, ergonomic handles, these interior detailing brushes include a subtlety rounded bristle top, designed for working deep into recesses, and durable synthetic bristles capable of holding their shape under pressure when purging the tightest nooks of dust, baked-on grime and sticky residues.

Supplied in a pack of three - allowing the option of a dedicated detailing brush for detailing specific areas - Firm Detailing Brushes also incorporate our trademark teal collars for quick and easy identification, and perfectly complement our range of interior cleaning products such as Total Interior Cleaner and Wipe Out Interior Disinfectant.

Please note, these are for interior use only.