Auto Finesse Eliminator Scratch Remover 250ml

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Eliminator 250ml - Scratch remover

Designed to quickly remove fine scratches by hand, this advanced polishing compound effectively eliminates paint defects, leaving behind a high-gloss, swirl-free finish.

Developed for targeted use on all gloss paint types, Eliminator Scratch Remover is packed with special diminishing abrasives, which makes it ideal for use by hand. On a microscopic level these abrasive polishing particles collide with each other, breaking down readily, to create finer and finer abrasives as they’re worked through. Unlike a traditional compound, which will require a machine polisher to finish down effectively, Eliminator has been specifically designed to break down easily, working all-the-way through with a minimum of pressure. This makes it the perfect solution for the removal of bumper scuffs, liner abrasion caused by hedges, and targeted scratch removal on smaller, more awkward areas such as under door handles and in jambs and shuts.

Rather than removing the defect itself, Eliminator works by removing the area around the scratch, until the bottom is reached, effectively making the defect disappear and leaving behind a layer of smooth, shiny clearcoat.

• Do not breathe dust.

• Do not apply in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

• Store upright at all times.