Auto Finesse Caramics Shampoo

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Caramics Shampoo - Powerful ph-neutral shampoo that will boost your ceramic coatings.

Reinforce your ceramic coatings at the contact wash stage with Caramics Enhancing Shampoo. This rich, powerful solution is not only tough on road grime, while being delicate on any previously applied LSPs, but the unique composition of next-generation ingredients actively boosts ceramic coatings, too. All the while enhancing shine and adding yet another layer of Si02 ceramic protection, every time you wash.
Developed to be the perfect companion to our Caramics Paintwork, Glass and Wheel Protection Kits.

Caramics Enhancing Shampoo is a concentrated blend of lubricants and pH neutral surfactants specifically formulated to prolong the endurance of ceramic resins during maintenance washes. Offering enhanced protection, enhanced gloss and enhanced water beading characteristics, this product is ideal for keeping your exterior surfaces looking amazing for longer, and a must for fans of our wider Caramics Ceramic Coatings range.

Do NOT wash your car in extreme temperatures or in direct sun.
Do NOT let the solution dry naturally on any surface of your vehicle.