GYEON Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong


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GYEON Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong - Strong, effective and safe leather cleaner.

Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong is an efficient and effective pre-coating leather cleaner. Developed along with Gyeon’s high-end Q² LeatherShield, it is the ultimate leather preparation product for use before a coating application. It removes dirt, oily residue and discolouration. Unlike most leather cleaners, the formula does not include any softening or preserving additives, leaving a surface ready for coating.


Always vacuum the upholstery first. Use Q²M LeatherCleaner Strong along with water, to increase the foam and help distributing the cleaner. Use the Q²M LeatherBrush. Work in sections. TIP: Always remove dirt with a microfibre in straight motion. Use at least 3 towels: for the initial wipe, a damp one to remove suds and another one to dry the surface.

CONSUMPTION: 100ml/car

Q²M Leathercleaner strong is the ultimate solution for cleaning and preparing leather upholstery for application of a quartz coating. it does not contain any softening additives and does not leave any residue that could potentially interfere with a quality quartz coating. Q²M Leathercleaner leaves a fully matte finish and is suitable for all modern types of leather.