GYEON is constantly working on fulfilling their mission of creating a complimentary product lineup. All products are designed to meet the strict requirements of professional detailers, but also remain easy to use and very friendly for enthusiasts of clean cars.

Meet the new GYEON products arriving in 2024!

Q²M TFR - Efficient Traffic Film Remover
Designed to be used during the pre-wash stage for efficient removal of thick, stubborn road film and contaminants by simply spraying on and rinsing off. It aids the removal of road salt and allows basic maintenance in harsh climates without affecting the coating's performance. Thanks to its long dwelling time, Q²M TFR is as efficient in summer as in winter, making sure a safer wash afterwards.

Q²M TotalRemover - Efficient coating and sealant remover
As the name suggests, it has been designed to remove everything, from sealants to old coatings, factory waxes and everything in between. Perfect for preparing factory-fresh cars before coating or removing old coatings without polishing. While being extremely efficient in creating a clean slate surface, it can also help to level high spots on glossy paintwork.

Q²M DeFrost - Instant window de-icer
Helps you melt frost and ice from any glass surface of your vehicle in seconds. No need to scrub and risk damaging your windows. Spray it on, let it react and watch the ice melt.
It has been formulated to dissolve ice even in temperatures close to -40’C effectively!

Q²M LeatherCleaner Natural - Mild leather cleaner dedicated to semi-aniline and Nappa leather but suitable for all types of modern automotive leather.
It is a safe, ph-neutral cleaner for all types of modern automotive leather. Designed mainly for the delicate Nappa and semi-aniline upholstery of luxury and sports cars. Its unique formula allows efficient cleaning of these fragile surfaces and mildly dirty leather upholstery without risk of chemical damage to the surface.

Q²M GlassPolish - Effective glass polish and pre-coating cleanser.
Efficiently removes stains, spots and light defects from all types of automotive glass. Does not dust and can be used by both hand and machine polisher. It prolongs the durability and resistance of any quality glass coating.

Q²M ECOwash - Concentrated waterless and rinseless wash. Slick and glossy drying aid.
Allows you to quickly and safely clean your vehicle without the necessity to use running water and having a set up with a drain or without allowing any detergents to drip into the soil/driveway. It can be used in one of 3 ways:
– as waterless wash;
– as rinseless wash;
– as drying aid.
Q²M ECOwash has an addition of SiO2, which makes it slick, very glossy and provides both water-repellency and self-cleaning abilities. This makes the product a great choice for maintaining ceramic-coated cars in regions where a regular wash is impossible or prohibited by law.

Q²M Scents - Sprayable interior scents
We introduce 4 different scents:
Silver Fresh: refreshing, subtle, smells a lot like Q²M Prep or Q²M Cure
Black Night: strong, heavy, reminding of a classic cologne water
Citrus Fresh: fresh, citrus-based
Light Blue: delicate, mild, fitting every interior, but outstanding in vehicles finished high a leather upholstery
You can spray on one of the attached cardboard hangers made of unique, absorbent material. Or, you can spray directly on the floormats and impregnate the interior for a long-term, subtle effect.

Q²M Masking Tape - Uncompromised quality.
No glue leftovers, flexibility and high tear resistance. These qualities make them ideal for any polishing and coating work. The tapes are available in various widths and packs.

Q²M Block Applicator EVO - The most traditional way of applying coatings: re-designed.
GYEON brand ambassador Yves Heylen re-worked the block applicator, starting with foam density, proportions and thickness of each layer. For the first time, GYEON also added cuts on the sides to position the suede easily. The aim was simple: more flexibility on curvy panels and improved grip for the suede. At the same time, they improved feedback coming towards user from the surface.

Q²M ServiceAccessories - Includes interior accessories for professionals and GYEON fans.

GYEON designed a fully #gyeonized set of protective elements to ensure the safety and cleanliness of crucial vehicle interior elements. Besides being very useful while moving the car in/out of the studio, they enhance the user experience of your client and give a more professional feel during handover. If you are an enthusiast, they will do a great job while moving your car between events or into storage. 

3 new elements have their debut - a steering wheel cover, seat cover and paper floor mats.

January 04, 2024 — Karl-Erik Eesmaa